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John Scholvin

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22 Oct 2020

signup time

OK, I think the subscription system is finally ready to go! Big, big thanks to the beta testers who helped shake out the bugs.

But I suppose the question you may be grappling with is why? Why should I subscribe? And what exactly am I subscribing to? I thought this was a blog? Well, unless you’re one of the five people alive who still know how to use RSS, or are the type to compulsively refresh sites over and over to see what’s new, this email subscription is the best way to have my blog content delivered to you in real-time. The line between “blog” and “newsletter” is pretty blurry these days, anyway. So sign up, and stay abreast1.

For what it’s worth, I’m working on some posts over the coming days on the following topics, in no particular order:

  • what sorts of things you might expect to find here, though with the clear expectation that I will change my mind over time
  • why I am building all this infrastructure (like a subscription system) from scratch
  • why I am finally leaving Facebook for good, and why that decision was difficult

I’m also working on refining the infrastructure behind the scenes. And I’ve got other stuff I want to talk about that has nothing to do with this transition. So please sign up if you’re curious about any of it, or even if you just want to continue to hate follow.

Click on this link right here if you want a piece.

  1. this is just markdown footnote abuse. You thought there would be a b00bies joke here, admit it. ↩︎