John Scholvin

John Scholvin

still can’t fit a half-stack in the trunk

12 Oct 2020


UPDATE: The beta test is now over. Thanks to everyone who helped! I’ll be putting this into production shortly.

OK, I think I finally have enough bugs beaten out of my email subscription management system to make it ready for a public beta test.

I’m looking for the following from volunteer testers:

  • the ability to follow directions
  • a willingness to try to break the thing
  • the ability to report errors accurately, including knowing how to take a screenshot and to attach that to an email
  • access to a diverse set of devices, operating systems, mail apps, browsers, etc.

If you meet those criteria and are willing to help, this won’t take a lot of time, and you’ll have my undying gratitude. You’ll interact with the website and some emails. You can quit whenever you want, and I’ll probably end the beta after a few days, maybe a week. I’m looking for 5-10 volunteers for this, though of course I’ll take what I can get.

Still want to help? Here’s the first instruction you need to follow to the letter: please send an email to Further instructions will be sent to you later. Please note that replying with an offer to volunteer on Facebook where you see this post linked is appreciated, but not a valid request.