John Scholvin

still can't fit a half-stack in the trunk

04 Feb 2020


sticky note
  • I bought a new pair of pants this weekend, and put them on this morning for the first time. When I reached into the pocket, I found the above note. So, I guess, “new” pants. I hope the previous owner enjoyed his breakfast.
  • Last night was a rough one at hockey. Someone didn't show up, and we were left a defenseman short. Normally I play wing. The captains asked me if I would prefer moving over to center or playing D, and I said “center” without hesitation. Defense is hard, yo. You have to skate backwards. After whatever consideration, they decided it'd make more sense for me to play defense, rather than having one of the centers move back. I'm not a complainer, so I did. But it was predictably horrible. I was out of position all night, giving up too much room for shooters. The first goal was 100% on me as I lost my guy (who was cherry-picking, the prick), giving him a breakaway from center ice. We lost 3-2. I was the difference. I feel awful about it.
  • I suppose I could choose to feel good that of all the wingers on the team, I was the one they asked to move back or over. LOL, no.
  • I hope the national Democratic Party is waking up this morning, literally and figuratively, to the clear realization that the caucus process is anti-democratic and insane, in addition to archaic and opaque. And while we're at it? Iowa does not deserve first-in-the-nation status, either. They're too small, too white, and too rural. We should split all the states across 4-6 “super” primary days, and rotate the order every cycle. Maybe actually be democratic, like the name implies.
  • Then again, it'll be moot when 45 cancels the 2024 elections and jails all the opposition party leaders. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I had a decent idea this morning in the shower for a product that sits smack dab in the center of the Venn diagram that represents all of my interests, except possibly the circles that denote the “having spare time to design and build it” and “being able to support my family” sets. But I may take a poke at it anyway.